Start “Wrapp-ing” – Gift Giving Goes Social

Are you fond of giving gifts? Are you fond of receiving gifts? Well, if you are fond of either of these, Wrapp has made the process easier. Wrapp is a Swedish startup that has smartly capitalized and leveraged the gigantic social presence of people on Facebook to help them give gifts in a “fun and easy way”  to friends.  The company was founded a year ago. Since then, it has remained as one of the hottest startups. It officially launched operations in Sweden on November 15, 2011 where it hooked up with local retailers to not only gain initial publicity but also to help retail brands increase revenues, customers and grow their businesses in general. It gained venture capital from Atomico and Skype co-founder, Niklas Zennström, embarked the Wrapp board on the very same date of launch. This massively helped the company

The current COO of Wrapp, Carl Fritjofsson, describes Wrapp as  “a social gifting service to celebrate your Facebook friends with free and paid gifts through a simple and beautiful web and mobile application. Retailers are intrigued by Wrapp as it provides a platform to drive customers into stores and generates sales, through a performance-based business model without diluting brand value.



As clear as Fritjofsson states, the service can be used via both the web and mobile app, which is available for Android and iPhone. It started out quietly in central Stockholm and gradually started to attain massive exposure through the media. A couple of months into its launch, on March 12, 2012, it started operations in the UK, supposedly a market with a huge potential. One would think this might have created challenges for the company. To Wrapp’s delight, this was coupled with a launch in Norway days later. And they don’t intend to stop there! There are plenty of countries where Wrapp wants to establish a presence. USA, first up! After that, Canada, Italy, Japan, Germany, Netherlands, France, Denmark, Finland, Australia, Taiwan, Brazil, Poland and Turkey are major targets for Wrapp as of now. Their aim is to “go global”, stated the company’s co-founder, Andreas Ehn, at Stockholm University on February 15, 2012.

A number of famous retailers have partnered up with Wrapp. These include “Karen Millen, Coast, Pizza Express, ASOS, Warehouse, Dixon’s Elgiganten, Amazon’s LOVEFiLM and Stadium, Sweden’s largest sports retailer” and plenty more are to join the party.

Strategically thinking, Wrapp is on its way to become the first company that makes complete and effective use of Facebook without posing a threat to the social networking giant or any of the retail brands that work with it. Instead, Wrapp’s growth would be beneficial to Facebook as it can allow it to enlarge its user base.

Wrapp is on its way to be anywhere and everywhere. The upcoming days will belong to players who inspire and invite more people to be part of its eco-system. The odds indicate that this is very much within its reach. Wrapp inspires people to share, to give gifts that are yet to be given, show affection in a way yet to be shown, experience happiness in a new manner in an effortless manner.

You have an opportunity to show a token of affection to your friends in a new manner. For those of you who still anticipate Wrapp’s presence in your territory, they promise to land there soon.