Wow!, the Site is Messing Up Right Now and Giving out iPads Free!!! Facebook Scam

Yet another scam that is spreading on Facebook. This time the scam claims to giveaway an Apple iPad for free. The scam reads –  “WOW! [your-name], the site is messing up right now and giving out Ipads free!!! @ I got mine yesterday hurry while it lasts

This scam is a  type of clickjacking where the scam message will be  automatically  “liked” and posted on your Facebook wall.

Free iPad 2 Facebook Scam

Once you’ve clicked on the link, you’ll be taken to a page that is shown below.

Free iPad 2 Facebook Scam

Facebook scams take advantage of users  curiosity and post messages with keywords like “free iPad”, “wardrobe malfunction”, “committed  suicide“, “exposing breasts” and so on. Users fall for this trap and become  victims of clickjacking and likejacking on Facebook which will ask users to complete a survey and lead them to a scam website.

This is done in order to drive traffic to scam websites or to earn money. For every survey completed,  the  scammer earns some  money as commission. It is always  advised  that  you avoid such scams messages that contains keywords/phrases  that makes you curious.

It is  recommended  that you if you see such scam, report it to Facebook by contacting Facebook Security and make sure that you have removed/deleted such scam messages from your Facebook wall.

Here’s an article  about  Avoiding Facebook Lifejacking and Clickjacking scams.  We have also complied a list of  Actively Spreading Scams on Facebook for you to look through and avoid.

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