Why Multwiple is The Best Web-Based Twitter Client Available

I love TweetDeck and I wish they had a web-based version with as many features as the desktop one, but unfortunately they don’t. However, after months of looking for a feature-rich web-based Twitter client, I came across Multwiple.

Multwiple has every thing a Twitter user could ever need. Let’s start with multiple accounts support where you can add as many Twitter accounts as you want and that too without any hassle. Unlike some other clients, Mutwiple doesn’t require you to switch from one account to another as each account get its own tab.

When it comes to user interface, Multwiple is very similar to TweetDeck, having a separate column for every thing. By default, it displays 3 main columns but you can constantly view the list of available columns on the left hand side and add any of them to your view with a single click. Similarly, you can also click the little x on any column to remove it from your view. Moreover, Multwiple has some columns that many other clients including TweetDeck doesn’t offer such as ReTweeted By Me, ReTweeted To me and Your Followers.

As soon as you launch Multwiple, you immediately see your stats including number of friends, number of followers, number of tweets and number of favorites. But the best part is yet to come: when you click on a shared link tweeted by one of your friends, in addition to opening that web page in a separate browser window, Multwiple adds a small box on the top so you can constantly see the original tweet that led you to the web page.  Each tweet displays short icons that allow you to quickly ReTweet, ReTweet with comments, reply, send a DM or simply mark the tweet as a favorite. Among other things, you can drag columns to reposition them, search Twitter right from the dashboard and even see Twitter trends with a single click.

Over all, what I love about Mulwiple is the feature-rich interface without the complexity or clutter that the other apps have.

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