Who Joined Fbooook first Takes Users for A Ride; Tags Friends and Annoys Them

My stream just went for a toss with people posting new wall updates which is sort of a competition about who joined Facebook first. First of all, Facebook does not usually publish information on when a user joined in their APIs, so it is highly unlikely that this app is accurate at all.

Who Joined Fboook first Permissions

Secondly, this app basically tags friends and also asks for permissions to post to your wall and gains access to your email account too along with tons of other information as you can see from the image above.

Who Join Fboook First Facebook Spam

Thought this app is technically not Facebook scam, it is definitely a spam and inaccurate app. I have also seen other similar apps like "who will get married first" and other stupid quiz apps which are deceptive at best.

There have been several similar scams in the past where apps were created to tell users who visited your Facebook profile and my Total Facebook views scam among other things.

Apps like these are dime a dozen and will continue to exist in the Facebook ecosystem. However, it is not really hard to spot the one’s that have spam written all over it. If you find it difficult to differentiate genuine vs bad links, you can always read our earlier article about Avoiding Facebook Lifejacking and Clickjacking scams.

Also, if you have posted an update like this make sure to delete it and then remove the app from your account. Learn more about How To Remove Applications from Facebook.

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