WhatsApp Processed 18 Billion Messages on New Year Eve

WhatsApp, one of the most loved and popular cross-platform mobile messaging service, claims to have set a new record of processing 18 BILLION messages on New Year Eve! In a tweet post, WhatsApp states that on December 31st 2012, it processed 7 billion inbound and 11 billion outbound messages on a single day. Competing services can only dream to beat this record (not taking into consideration iOS 5′s iMessage service)

If you’re wondering what inbound and outbound messages are, then WhatsApp has an answer for it. According to WhatsApp’s tweet, the “difference in inbound vs. outbound is due to group chat. Sending one message into group chat of 10 people is 1:10 inbound:outbound.”


In simpler words, when a group message is sent out, that message is delivered independently to every member in that group across multiple devices and platforms. Thus, that makes it 1 outbound message and several inbound messages.

Back in August 2012, WhatsApp said that it has reached 4 billion inbound messages in a day. Currently, the company is estimated to have about 200 million users, and rapidly increasing the count.

Of course there were rumors spreading in December 2012 about Facebook planning to acquire WhatsApp, however that turned out to be false.

WhatsApp is available for free download for Android users. Recently, the company decided to waive off the $0.99 fee for iOS users and has made it available for free download for a limited period of time.

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