Unsubscribe From Facebook Comment and Like Notifications

One of the reasons I do not comment or like posts by popular persons on is that I start to receive several notifications that other people have also liked or commented on the same post. Notifications are fine if they are one or two, but getting 100s of notifications is definitely not cool.

Unsubscribe From Facebook Notifications

However, looks like Facebook has heeded my complaints from the past about this and now allows users to unsubscribe from notifications for comments or likes made on other’s posts or even on your own posts.

Once you comment or like a post, you will now also see a link called "Unsubscribe", clicking on which will stop sending you notifications if anyone else comments or likes the same post. Once you have unsubscribed from the post, you can also Subscribe back to it by clicking on the "Subscribe" link. Definitely helpful and will keep your notifications in Facebook to the minimal.

11 thoughts on “Unsubscribe From Facebook Comment and Like Notifications”

  1. I tried this,but there is only(comment,like,share) are available but Am not able to get (unsubscribe).Can you please tell me is there any other option to unsubscribe from Facebook comments and like.

    1. A friend of mine just had the option automatically and I’ve been trying to set it up on my account with not much success either. Please help!

  2. I would LOVE this feature – do you have any more information on when this will be rolled out? It’s one of the main reasons I do not comment or like posts by famous people or pages. Even though I want to sometimes.. ;)

  3. Most social sites come with a price. The more popular ones extract an even greater price. It is good the site found a way to let us use the service without too much inconvenience. It’s a neat feature, thanks for sharing.

  4. they removed the unsubscribe feature today.. :( i guess it dropped their users time on site which most likely reduces their advertising conversion.

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