Ultimate List Of Twitter Applications and Websites

Twitter is a real addicting service and I have been using it in and out for quite some time.

Over the time we have come across many useful desktop clients and websites which help make your twitter experience better.

Bringing to you the ultimate list of twitter tools to help you keep tweeting.


Twitter Desktop Clients

There are various ways in which you can update your status on twitter, but the best I think is updating it directly from the desktop.

If you have not been using a twitter desktop client or are looking for various alternatives, here is the ultimate list of twitter clients which will make updating your status much more easier.


My current favorite, Tweetdeck is a Adobe Air application that has tons of features and is probably one of the best twitter applicaiton you can find.


Thwirl is a Adobe Air application that allows you to update your status from the desktop.


Digsby is a multiprotocol IM tool which provides you with twitter support.


TwitterIM is a solution for MSN and ICQ users. It allows you to update your twitter using MSN or ICQ messengers. Our Review.


Witty is a twitter client made for Windows Vista. Our Review.


OutTwit is a twitter client for Microsoft Outlook, you can directly update your status from within Outlook. Our Review.


Twesseneer is a twitter add-in for Windows Live Messenger.


Twadget is a Vista Sidebar Gadget for twitter.


Firefox extension that notifies you about your friends statuses in twitter.


Spaz is a open source desktop twitter client for Mac, Windows and Linux.

Twitter Websites

There are lots of websites that help you do different things with your twitter account. You can schedule your twits or turn it into a feed, she what people are linking to and more with them.

Check out the list of websites that you can use with your twitter account.


TwitResponse allows you to schedule your tweets for the future. Our Review.


TweetLater allows you to schedule your tweets for the future.


TwitterBuzz is a website which aggregates content from twitter and shows you what users are linking to.


TwitterFeed allows you to post your blog posts as tweets to twitter over a specified interval of time.


Twitterholic shows you the top 100 users based on the followers they have.


Twittersearch allows you to search tweets.


TwitThis is a service which allows you to add buttons to your website for users to tweet your blog posts.


Twittervision provides you with a real-time geographic visualization of posts made to twitter.

Do you use any other clients or websites, do let us know in the comments so that I can try them out, and by the way you can also follow me on twitter.

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  • Amazing List. Am going to get busy trying them. Stumbled

  • Brad

    addictIVE, not addicting. Addictive is used for describing something, addicting is what something is doing. eg. “This addictive game is addicting me”. Learn it, live it, love it!

    • Keith Dsouza

      Brad, thanks for the correction I appreciate it.

  • The best I’ve seen so far.

  • wow, cool tools there.

    You should also add mrtweet and twittercounter there. :D

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  • JP

    I just completed a Twitter client in Excel. It’s written in Excel VBA and allows you to post tweets to your account. Read the full description and download here:


    Feel free to review it and make any suggestions, I’d be glad to hear it.

  • Fantastic list. Most comprehensive that i ‘ve seen till date.
    I ‘ve just written about the twitter’s claim to fame, here’s my post on twitter :-

    Target=”_blank”Twitter on a role

  • I love Digsby. Not only I am connected to all the IMs such as YM and Windows Live, I am also connected to Twitter, FB and LinkedIn.

    • edcarsky

      me too!!! i dont have any questions ask,,, i hope Digsby also avail in N900.

  • Thanks for sharing … keep on posting

  • Great list! I just Digged this story.

  • This is a great list!

    I have also compiled at Twitter tools list here

  • Frad Johnson

    Great list.

    Maybe you should add http://www.barofbirds.blogspot.com

  • Sam

    Another website I like is The Daily Tweet. It’s a nice web app where you submit and vote for your favourite tweets. It’s cool! Try it out?

  • One of the recent Twitter Google maps mash ups is http://www.GeoChirp.com/

    GeoChirp is a free to use Twitter & Google Maps mashup, developed by CueBlocks, which allows you to find real time Tweeples within 1 to 50 miles of any location in the world. You can search for specific phrases & see who is tweeting about these keywords, within any neighborhood of interest to you.

    GeoChirp has a ‘language translation’ tool to convert foreign tweets to the language you understand.

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  • I'm looking for beta testers for a little twitter tool that lets you add 10 characters to your avatar in a text bubble that you can position on top or bottom of your avatar. http://www.twavatars.com

    thanks, i'd appreciate your feedback and input.

  • no what about twitvid or twitpic? HHHMM

  • Fantastic list. Most comprehensive that i ‘ve seen till date…………..

  • Spring138

    Missed SpokenTwit! Through spokentwit you can Spokentwit from anywhere. Enable Twitter, link your phone number and voicetweet from anywhere. Ideal for people who are continuously on the move and no time to update their twitter.

  • vinod

    gr8 collections

  • Is there a twitter application for making comments from a website?

  • Tom

    Hi Keith,

    I’ve just recently relaunched my Twitter tool, TweetingMachine, and it would be brilliant if you could let me know what you think about it. You can find it here: http://tweetingmachine.com


  • Liara

    Twitlonger.com is a really good site b/c its allows you to go past the 140 character limit

  • Just wanted to add http://tweetexposure.com, a tool I created for a conference I organized. It shows tweets and images within tweets. It can be customized for a conference. Just contact me, and I am sure we could work it out.

  • which application give reports/ information / notification for followers who are following you and people who have stopped following you ?