Twitter Starts "Promoted" Trending Topics With Toy Story 3

A few days ago we told you how was going to offer “Sponsored” Tending Topics and it looks like they have started to roll out the changes today. If you visit Twitter right now you will see a new Trending topic for “Toy Story 3″ with a distinction that it is being Promoted as shown in the image below.

Twitter Sponsored Trending Topics

TechCrunch is reporting that Disney Pixar, who are the creators of Toy Story 3 might be the first buyer into Twitter’s sponsored trending topics and are also promoting a tweet when one clicks through the trending topic (see screenshot below)

Twitter Promoted Tweets

Twitter, who were once questioned as to how they would make money are now turning the corner and making money through the service. It would be interesting to see whether Twitter bumps the promoted trending topics higher for higher payments or lets it stay where it is.

Are you seeing other Promoted trending topics on twitter?

3 thoughts on “Twitter Starts "Promoted" Trending Topics With Toy Story 3”

  1. it will be interesting to see how Twitter gradually implements ads into their website. Obviously they can’t suddenly include ads in a dozen placements overnight. That could cause major backlash. So instead they will slowly put up new ads and see how users react to them. The great thing about twitter is that they will receive instant feedback from their users through their tweets.

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