Twitter’s New Retweet API

Twitter has been playing around with its features for some time now. The most recent that comes to mind is the change of Replies to Mentions whereby Twitter officially accommodated the usage of the @reply in mentioning users instead of just replying to them. While this change has been mostly cosmetic, Twitter’s new upcoming API that bestows upon the developer the power of Retweets.

Alright, so that was unnecessarily dramatic, but a screenshot released by Twitter’s developer Marcel Molina shows exactly what the new API in Twitter’s timeline could do. Retweets are basically tweets from other users that you decide to share on your own timeline because they are either one or a combination of awesome/hilarious/interesting/WTH-inducing links or text. These tweets are prefixed with an RT and @username, username being the user whose tweet is being retweeted. These have become a very popular way of sharing interesting-ness on Twitter.

So without further ado, on with the screenshot!

Twitter API Screenshot

As you can see from the picture, there are three tabs in the Retweet column Retweets by others (most probably your friends), Retweets by you and Your tweets, retweeted (both self-explanatory). You can also note that in the Latestnotification, there is no RTbefore SarahKSilverman, and the username itself is in bold signifying that there will not be any necessity for an RT before the name of the user. Again, simple statistics about the number of retweets (to a maximum of 100) and the users who have retweeted (with a maximum of 32 avatars displayed on the starting page) are shown and the appearance of the quirky Twitter Bird cannot be missed.

Look out for this new feature coming to your Twitter profile soon!

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