Twitter Adds Easy Spam Reporting Links to Profiles

Every now and then you might come across a nutcase or two on . These spammers, spam you with stupid links, or send replies to your tweet, when you include certain keywords in it. Those people definitely do not deserve to be on twitter, however because of things out of our control, they will always be around.


Earlier, reporting spam was a pain, as you had to send a message to the twitter spam team (@spam) and include the twitter handle of the spammer. However, twitter has now introduced a new feature, using which users can report a spam user to twitter, directly from the spammers profile.


To report a user as spam, just visit their profile and click on the report username for spamlink. Clicking on the link should popup a Javascript alert. Click on the Ok button to confirm and report the user as a spam. Clicking this link will also block this user from sending messages to you.

This is a definite improvement, in helping twitter and their users, clean the ecosystem of these scumbags. However, we still believe that twitter has a long way before they can be spam-free, one of the reasons why we still think that Twitter is turning into a spammers paradise.

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