Twitter Tuesdays | 3 Great Tools To Publish Your Feeds To Twitter

Every blogger understands   the importance of social media in today’s world. Keeping connected with your followers on Facebook and Twitter and sharing your content with them through these networks has become increasing important for any good blog or website. While you could always share your stuff on Twitter manually, it would be like re-inventing the wheel since you can automate the whole process within seconds. Here are 3 excellent tools to do that with:

1. RSS2Twitter:

RSS2Twitter might not have an appealing interface but it does the job quite well. You can link an RSS feed to more than one Twitter accounts and choose to only include title or title and description. The tools also allows you to insert a prefix and exclude/include tweets with specific keywords. You can also view complete analytics including number of clicks on each post.


2. TwitterFeed:

TwitterFeed is probably the most popular tool to publish feeds to Twitter. In addition to all the basic settings, the tool also lets you choose an update frequency, insert a suffix and select a URL shortener of your choice. You can also test the validity of a feed from inside the tool and make it inactive with a single click.


3. DlvrIt:

DlvIt is a hidden gem when it comes to publishing feeds to Twitter. Instead of connecting a feed with a Twitter account, DlvrIt lets you group feeds together into a route and publish that route to a set of Twitter/Facebook accounts. It offers all the advanced features to filter your feeds or insert prefix/suffix along with detailed analytics report. The tool has another unique feature of letting you post to your Twitter account directly.

Dlvr It

All 3 tools are great and achieve the purpose of publishing your content on social media. However, each one of them has some uniqueness to it that might make it the right one for you.

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  • Here you have mentioned three ways to send feeds to twitter. Did you forget feedburner or you don't consider it as a feed updater to twitter or is it too small to mention on this great site. I have a blog

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