Twitter Tuesdays | 10 Really Amazing and Extraordinary Uses Of Twitter

Twitter Tuesdays | 10 Really Amazing and Extraordinary Uses Of Twitter

4. Plants That Tweet When They Need Water:

Botanicalls explains how you can connect your plants to your Twitter and send you a message when they go down on water. You can create the kit by following the instructions here or buy an already assembled one here. The plants even send out a thank you tweet once you have watered them.

5. Grafitter:

Grafitter parses your tweets to analyze information about your mood, habits and patterns. You can then explore interesting trends in your data through fun visualizations.

6. Coffee Machine:

Just when the machine is running out of coffee, it tweets. This is accomplished by an attached webcam that sends display screen images to a database, which interprets them into text messages and tweet them.

Blankomat, The Coffee Machine That Tweets from Plugg Conference on Vimeo.

7. TwitterVision:

TwitterVision takes you around he world by giving you a real-time geographic visualization of posts on Twitter.

8. Tweet Your Heart Rate:

Akiduki Pulse Box is a small device that automatically posts your heart rate to Twitter so your followers now you’re still alive.

9. Twitter Chiropractic Machine:

If you are a Chiropractic you’ll love this one. This script scans Twitter for people mentioning neck pain, back pain or any other aches, and automatically contacts them with an offer to come to your clinic.

10. Automate Your Entire Home With Twitter:

If you hate getting up to switch off the lights, just tweet to them. A simple hack using this software can let you control lights and other electrical appliances of your home.

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  • Ok now those are some cool ways to use Twitter. I don't use it anymore for the "normal" way, but I would for some of the above. Very creative!

  • it's amazing what you can do with Twitter beyond just social networking.

  • Well I never really got twitter, but some of these applications I do get. Thank you for sharing these with us. There are some classic examples here, and just goes to show how versatile the human mind is. Different people coming up with different solutions to their different challenges, using the same core technology. It really boggles the mind, the cleverness of the human monkey!

  • Nice Post… good one… keep up

  • Hi,

    I really liked that post. The one about the Chiropractors was great. Now, is there a way to do the same thing in other fields? I have a niche market and I would like a tweet sent to people when they talk about certain keywords.

    Thanks for any input on this.


  • Tehseen


    You can use TwitHawk to do that.

  • ohmy god…seriously..tweeter lovers ….gr8 stuff man..:)

  • i think use no 3,4 and 6 are brilliant and practical in day-to-day life. More uses should be thought of , and life would be much more simpler

  • Thanks for the post! It’s amazing what you can do with Twitter.

  • Now these are some really unique ways to use Twitter. Never would have thought!

  • The twittering coffee machine looks expensive :)

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  • I really liked that post. The one about the Chiropractors was great.