Twitter Tuesdays | 10 Really Amazing and Extraordinary Uses Of Twitter

Twitter Tuesdays | 10 Really Amazing and Extraordinary Uses Of Twitter

We all use Twitter for status updates, sending messages or, if we go really far, sharing media. These are the only uses we could think of when we came to know about Twitter. However, there are people who saw much more potential in the 140 character technology. Here are some really amazing and out of the box things they came up with:

1. Tweet Museum:

Odessa Begay is a graphic designer who thought tweets are too texty. So every Tuesday this designer turns a celebrity tweet into an awe-inspiring illustration. The collection is called the Museum of Modern Tweets.

Tweet Museum

2. Twitter Powered Pop Corn Machine:

You read it right! When somebody mentions #popcorn on Twitter, this machine serves up a fresh batch of popped corn. The process includes tweet triggering the movement of a belt and transferring a kernel of unpopped corn into the popper. The video below explains exactly how it works.

3. Twitter Powered Laundry Room:

If the popcorn machine isn’t good enough for you, meet the laundry room that tweets every time a washer or dryer gets empty. The room is locates in a dormitory building at Olin College.

13 thoughts on “Twitter Tuesdays | 10 Really Amazing and Extraordinary Uses Of Twitter”

  1. Well I never really got twitter, but some of these applications I do get. Thank you for sharing these with us. There are some classic examples here, and just goes to show how versatile the human mind is. Different people coming up with different solutions to their different challenges, using the same core technology. It really boggles the mind, the cleverness of the human monkey!

  2. Hi,

    I really liked that post. The one about the Chiropractors was great. Now, is there a way to do the same thing in other fields? I have a niche market and I would like a tweet sent to people when they talk about certain keywords.

    Thanks for any input on this.


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