Twitter Testing New Timeline Features

After Google, which redesigned most of its services, the next on the list is the micro-blogging site Twitter, which has been quietly testing some new changes to its timeline. The new timeline brings contextual information right into your stream. This allows users to see in-line tweets, expand other tweets in conversation and view embedded media.

Currently, a slider opens on the right when you click on a tweet, which shows conversation (or replies) or photos and videos. However, looks like Twitter wants to eliminate the slider, and is looking forward to load tweets and media in-line.

Patrick Bisch, founder of, was the first to report about the changes when he was on the micro-blogging site earlier today. In a video, Bisch showed that when hovering over a tweet, a “Open” link appears on the top-right corner of the tweet, which can be used to expand it. The “Open” link is replaced with a “Close” link when the tweet is opened.

Twitter New Timeline Features

Whenever you click on a tweet containing a link to a photo, video or other media, the media will open up within the timeline rather than displaying it on the slider.

Apart from that, Bisch found out that his re-tweet, reply and favourite buttons were moved to the top of his tweets, which currently are at the bottom of the tweet. Also, clicking an individual’s Twitter handle will show their profile along with their latest tweets in a pop up box (in a single frame above your Timeline).

Now, looking at these features, it seems like Twitter wants to remove the slider feature, and integrate something more interactive. The features surely look good enough, however there isn’t any confirmation from Twitter yet, and it is not yet clear whether it plans to roll out the new timeline design to all of its users.

Here’s a video that shows how the new-look version of the timeline works:

Have you seen the new Timeline changes? What do you think of these changes? Let us know by adding your comments below.

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