Twitter Search Adds Expanding Shortened URL’s From Search Result Page

Shortened URL’s are unpredictable, you have no idea where a shortened link is going. Yes, there are browser extensions and tools like Unhid, which can reveal the actual location of shortened links, but it’s always better when such abilities are incorporated in the default application or website.

Twitter search has added a new “expand” feature which let anyone see the actual location of a shortened link right from the search result page. Every shortened link is accompanied by an “Expand” link, clicking which shows the original URL as shown in the following screenshots:

The expanded link can then be shortened back in it’s original form using the “Contract” button. Think of this as a toggle button for expanding and contracting links on Twitter search page.

Revealing the actual location of shortened links can be quite useful, when you want to judge the quality of the link by looking at the URL. If the URL is from a famous site and you trust the source, you would definitely like to pay a visit.

Otherwise, you can skip and move on with the next result or tweet. And considering the fact that Twitter search is full of spam and self promotion, expanding the shortened links was much desired.
Please note that this feature is implemented only in Twitter search and not if you perform a search at Thank you Chris Pirillo for noting the feature.

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Amit Banerjee

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