Twitter Removes ‘via’ Stamp, No Longer Display the Client Name

You can no more show off your favourite Twitter client on Twitter’s website as the social networking company has decided to no longer display the client name from which you have posted your tweets.

If you had observed closely, every tweet that loads up on your timeline had a little information stamp called ‘via’ that displayed the name of the client from which the user had tweeted. For instance, if it was done using a smartphone app like UberSocial, it would show at the bottom of the tweet as “via UberSocial.” Now, Twitter has removed this feature, and this has disappointed several developers.

In effect, Twitter has already disabled this for several tweeting clients, ensuring that their name no longer appears on the Tweet. This unexpected change was first noticed by IFTTT Platform Lead John Sheehan on, and was followed up the The Next Web.

Twitter is more concerned about the reading experience and wants users to use first-party clients rather that third-party clients like Tweetbot, or Seesmic.


This change from Twitter doesn’t stop users from using third-party clients, however, at a developer’s point of view, this is really disappointing. Not only the developers, but user also relied on this little feature to showcase that the tweet was sent from their favorite Twitter client.

One of the many reasons why Twitter introduced the ‘via’ stamp in first place was to generate interest between developers to develop clients for Twitter and increase Twitter posts and interactions easily. In a way, these little Twitter clients has made the social network so popular today, and Twitter here seems to be playing a dirty game. Users may not be affected much due to this change, but developers are the ones who will be affected hugely. And the only reason why this particular change has made into news is because of the woes of developers.

Earlier this month, Tumblr had faced problems over Twitter’s new API rules. Twitter revoked the friend-finding privilege from Tumblr, and it was the worst that Tumblr could expect. In a statement the company said that Twitter isn’t playing fair, and this move from Twitter is very upsetting.

Instagram too faced similar such problems, and removed the find friends feature from its service after Twitter revoked the API. With this, Twitter is making sure that app developers get less visibility on the website.

Following the new API rules, yesterday,  Tapbots pulled the alpha version of Tweetbot for Mac, reports Tuaw.

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