Twitter May Start Selling Followers At a Price

There have been several services which help users increase their followers and spam their timeline with links to them. However, here is a mother of all "gaining more followers" on , albeit it might just cost you a bit.


According to All Thing D, Twitter will soon start selling followers to users for a price. The new business model will be similar to the "Promoted Trending Topics" introduced by twitter last month, and will pitch the user to a wider range of people to follow.

People familiar with the company’s plans say it has been discussing yet another revenue generator: Think of it as a Promoted Tweeterproduct, which highlights specific user accounts, designed to bump up follower counts.

However, the pricing or business model behind the new paid followers is not yet known and users may be charged based on the number of new followers they gain. I am not sure how well this new model will work for Twitter, but it might definitely be helpful for brands and big companies to get more exposure amongst millions of users.

After all the more followers you have the more reach your product has. What do you think of Twitter selling followers to users? Do you think it will work? Do you think it will be annoying? Let me know your thoughts.

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