Twitter launches the “official” Retweet feature

About a month ago, I had posted about the first screenshot of the Retweet feature of Twitter. Now, my account was finally hacked into by those sneaky Twitter devs, and I have the new Retweet feature! Here’s a first look post at what makes it slicker than the resident Retweet features of the various Twitter clients available.


I really like the headers that come with new features on Twitter. I really like them. It has this warm and fuzzy feeling glued to it; like listening to a Stephen Fry Podgram. Jokes apart, it is an excellent way of telling Twitter users what exactly is this new feature and how it will help them. The header is pretty self-explanatory, so go ahead and read it!


Here is the first example of a Retweet on my home page. HeadStarters is not a Twitter profile that I follow, however, iMBA (a Twitter user that I do follow) thought this was worth retweetingand that is the reason why I see this on my Home timeline. I do not know how this works since I do not want to have a barrage of unwanted retweets on my Home page, but I’m sure Twitter will have a filtering feature soon.


The Retweetbutton in its full glory on Keith’s tweet on my Home page. Notice our editor-in-chief’s dilemmatic question in his tweet and the cute puppies on his display picture!


After retweeting the tweet, I see that on my profile page, it shows up with the retweet icon, the Twitter user’s name and the Undo button that Tehseen mentioned. Nifty! Especially when you retweet the wrong tweet.


Here it is the Retweets sidebar button. Clicking this button leads you straight to…

Retweet Page

…this page! As mentioned in the earlier post, the new feature indeed has the Retweets by others, Retweets by youand Your tweets, retweetedtabs! The HeadStarters tweet comes under the Retweets by otherstab along with several other Retweets from people I follow.


And finally, the Retweets by youpage which features a lone retweet. There will be several more to come, I’m sure!

So, the Retweet features is indeed well-designed with organization and optimization at heart. The Twitter wagon will keep chugging along as soon as the third-party clients modify their apps to reflect this new change in the API. Perhaps we shall see more innovations there as they recreate this feature in their apps. Twitter has not put up the Retweet feature on their mobile site. However, with the maintenance window announced today, I’m hoping they do have the feature up there.

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