Twitter Introducing Location Based Places/Check-ins?

Looks like location is taking a new dimension. You can no longer just visit some place and not tell your friends about it, literally. recently introduced a new location based service called Facebook Places. Facebook Places was in direct competition with previously introduced service Foursquare.


It looks now that is also all set to introduce Places and Check-ins. As you can see from the image above, Twitter has some sort of check-ins in place where users can claim to be in places. In addition to that people can also check-in to places as seen in the "Recent people in Twitter HQ". If you are a Foursquare user, you might be familiar with this, albeit, instead of claiming a place, you actually become the mayor of a certain place.

With location based services heating up, thanks to the additional advertisements services can obtain from local businesses, this is definitely going to be another way for Twitter to claim a share of revenue, just like Facebook did.

(via Scripting News – Hacker News h/t @Scobleizer | Image Credit – Scripting News/Flickr)

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