Twitter Instant Follows YouTube Instant and Google Instant

It looks like we have to start bracing ourselves to hear the word "Instant" overdone in the next few weeks and months. After was launched a Stanford student created YouTube Instant and almost landed a job with .


Now, behold, someone has gone ahead and created a Instant search ( which works on the same fundamentals, results change as you type. However, it still has a lot work to do as far as the "guessing before you type" feature which both YouTube Instant and Google Instant have.

The author of Twitter Instant is riding the Instant wave and asks whether he should now ask for a job at Twitter. Twitter Instant aside, the fact that social media was leveraged and used to do something and then get a job offer in return will now see many such kickoffs where people do something interesting with a company’s product and then pitch it to them through social media in hope of a job or maybe just for fun.

Social media has definitely come a long way since it’s inception where people just wanted to keep in touch in friends. These days it has been used and sometimes overused for a variety of things including getting jobs, proposing to your girl/boy friend, pitching a product and more.

So are you going to follow the "Instant" wave and created something to please a company in hopes of landing a job? Considering the job market, this looks like the fastest way to land one, right?

(Source: TNW)

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