Twitter Adds More Sources for Inline Music, Video Streaming and PowerPoint Slides

The #newTwitter interface was rolled out to all users in October. The new interface added in a lot of changes to making it easier to follow conversations and view videos and images inline from sites like , and USTREAM.


Today, Twitter has added new partners to display inline music, watch TV shows and browser through PowerPoint slides. Twitter has partnered with, Instagram, Rdio, SlideShare and Dipdive to display all their content inline instead of you have to visit the sites in another browser.

Twitter Expand Embedded Content

The next time someone shares content from the above mentioned site, you will see an option to view the content inline. You can quickly make out which content you can view inline by seeing a special icon next to the tweet and an option to expand the tweet as shown above. Twitter is also looking to expand their partnerships further and add more content partners soon.

So what do you think about the #newTwitter interface? Are you getting used to it, or do you hate it?

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