Twitter Tuesdays | 40 Great Twitter How-Tos

Twitter Questions and How TosTwitter can be pretty overwhelming for somebody who is new to it. You hear your geeky friends doing all sorts of tricks, hacks and cool things on Twitter but you don’t know anything about it. Fear not, this post is supposed to answer all the questions you ever had about doing something on Twitter. In these, you can find really basic information about Twitter features and even advanced hacks and tricks for carrying out some unique Twitter tasks. Read on:

  1. How To Use Twitter: Starting with the very basic question.
  2. How To Choose a Twitter Handle/Username: 8 handy tips on choosing the right username.
  3. What is a ReTweet and How To Do a ReTweet? Simple insight to the most common feature of Twitter.
  4. How To Follow Someone: See the essence of how Twitter works.
  5. How To Use #Hashtags: Get most out of hashtags on twitter.
  6. How To Upload Background Image: Give your Twitter profile a personal touch by uploading a background image.
  7. Change Background Display To a Personal Picture: It takes less than 2 minutes to do this.
  8. How To Create Twitter Lists: See the easy way of creating lists on Twitter.
  9. How To Auto-Follow People: Automatically start following somebody who follows you.
  10. Remove Yourself From a List: Somebody put you on a weird list? Remove yourself using these steps.
  11. Building Relationships on Twitter: Using Twitter the right way can change things around for you.
  12. Find People On Twitter: Twitter has millions of users and you need to know the right way to find somebody.
  13. Create Groups on Twitter: If you don’t like lists, here is an alternative.
  14. How Do I Insert Symbols In My Tweets: It is really easy to insert cool symbols in your tweets.
  15. View Replies Sent To Other Users: See how to view replies send to somebody else.
  16. Schedule Tweet For Future: 7 simple ways to send your tweets later.
  17. Find People To Follow On Twitter: Make most of Twitter by following the right people.
  18. How To Link Facebook To Twitter: Automatically send your tweets to your Facebook.
  19. Import Facebook Friends To Twitter: Bring over your buddies from Facebook.
  20. How To Customize Your Profile For SEO: Who knew Twitter can be a huge SEO tool.
  21. How To Get More Followers: Learn to get more followers while giving back as well.
  22. Use Advanced Search On Twitter: Twitter can be a black hole if you don’t know the right search tools.
  23. Send Direct Messages To People You Don’t Follow: A very useful hack that is often needed.
  24. Unblock Somebody You Accidentally Blocked: If you have blocked somebody by mistake, see how to undo it.
  25. Revoke Permissions For Twitter Apps: In other words, get rid of the spammy/crappy apps.
  26. Publish Your Blog Feeds To Twitter: Automatically tweet your latest blog posts.
  27. How To Remove Twitter Updates From Facebook: Stop the automatic posting of your tweets on Facebook.
  28. How To Use Twitter For Customer Service: Turn your Twitter account into a PR tool.
  29. Remotely Control Your PC Using Twitter: Execute commands on your PC by tweeting.
  30. How To Apply For a Verified Account: Don’t let anybody else be you.
  31. Download Twitter Archive: The smart way to save your tweets.
  32. Create an RSS Feed From a Twitter List: Get instant updates in your RSS reader for any Twitter list.
  33. Delete a Bulk of Direct Messages: The smart way to remove unwanted direct messages.
  34. Conduct Polls Via Twitter: Learn to use Twitter as a tool to capture public opinion.
  35. Know What a Twitter Term Means: A small glossary for Twitter related words.
  36. Measure Your Popularity On Twitter: See how famous you are on the Twitterverse.
  37. Save Yourself From Spam and Phishing: Learn to protect your Twitter profile from being compromised.
  38. Analyze Somebody’s Twitter Profile: Know more about a user by analyzing their profile.
  39. How To Access Twitter From Outlook: Use Twitter from your work email.
  40. How To Backup Your Twitter Profile: Don’t wait for any mishaps before you decide to backup your profile.

These are are not all, but just some questions that are commonly asked about Twitter. If you have any more questions or answers, make sure to share them in comments.

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  • Awesome post! As a regular Twitter user, I find them to be of great help! Thanks for sharing. :)