Twitter Launches Special FIFA World Cup Mini Site

With just a few hours remaining for the kick-off of FIFA World Cup 2010, football (soccer) frenzy across the world is reaching its fever pitch. Not satisfied with just adding a World Cup theme, Twitter has launched a whole new mini-site to track the World Cup frenzy.

“Using live widgets, real-time search, and Top Tweets (updates that are currently catching the attention of many Twitter users) we’ve put together a special site to capture the spirit of the World Cup and it’s already pulsing with activity”, announced Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter.


The World Cup mini-site displays top tweets, as well as a schedule of upcoming matches. Clicking on any of the match links will take you to a new page displaying tweets from fans of both countries. In order to identify supporters of a particular country twitter is relying on hashtags (or hashflags) like #arg, #bra, #eng, #esp, #fra, #ger and #ita. Unfortunately, at the moment the match streams are being dominated by spammers.

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