Twitter, Facebook DDoS Attacks Were Politically Motivated

We have already carried news about how the popular social networking site Twitter and Facebook were pulled down with a concerted DDoS attack and how Google, Facebook & Twitter were jointly investigating the reasons behind this DDoS Attack

DDoS attacks are usually not directly monetary related unlike malware attacks. They are usually the evil designs of somebody trying to get the notoriety in the black hat world and also sometimes to show the effectiveness of a botnet.

This time, the attack on Twitter and Facebook has been found to be politically motivated. The rogues were after the user accounts account of a pro-Georgian blogger who went under the nickname cyxymu, created on these websites. Cyxymu represents a town in the Georgian breakaway region of Abkhazia. The blogger, who extensively covers the suffering of Georgian civilians during and after the War in Abkhazia, is understood to be the target of the attack, which is being linked to the nationalists of Russisan origin.

See more about it on McAfee Blog and F-Secure Blog.

I do not know, what exactly such efforts are going to get. In fact, these efforts are going to be counter-productive to a huge extent. Nobody was knowing about cyxymu till now, and today it is a name known to every other internet freak. See the latest entries on Google Search Results.

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