Twitter Down After A Long Time, Did You Miss It?

has become a very integral part of my day to day life and they seemed to have learned from their mistakes and had the service running pretty good for quite a long time now, but today’s sudden downtime got people talking about it again. In-fact I have stopped checking if twitter is up or down for the past several months.

Quite funny how much twitter has started becoming something, people do not want to miss, shows how much people love the service :-).

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Are you a twitter fan? What is your reaction when twitter is down? Do let me know through your comments.

And yes don’t expect to see a failwhale if twitter is down since they dumped it to become cool :-).

2 thoughts on “Twitter Down After A Long Time, Did You Miss It?”

  1. Nice post Keith!
    It’s great that so many people missed Twitter today, even though it’s too bad Twitter is not more reliable.
    I, for one, just got an email about a new follower and realized that the service must be back up.
    Now I’m wondering what riveting posts I missed. ;-)

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