Twitter Rolls Out Brilliant Spam Protection For DM Scams

users have been a victim of several DM scams and phishing scams in recent times, most of the times, users were send scam links, clicking on which would ask users to enter twitter details or compromise a user’s account, and then send out similar messages to their friend list.


However, that may be a thing of the past, since Twitter will now pass all the links in Direct messages through one of their own services, so that they can track and halt the problem at the core itself.

What this means is that if someone sends you a link in a Direct message or if you receive an email with the direct message, the links contained in them will go through before reaching the destination URL.

This is definitely a smart move, considering that Twitter can disable a user from visiting a scam or phishing URL at their end itself. This will also allow Twitter to quickly avoid a scam from spreading across to multiple users.

I was always wondering on how Twitter would take steps to stop the DM scam, and this is one of the best possible solution one could come up with. Way to go Twitter, this is brilliant. More info at the Official Twitter blog.

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Keith Dsouza

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  • This is awesome….I mean….this was the easiest Twitter could do and would definitely prevent lots of users from getting their accounts compromised. Kudos to Twitter…guess MS also needs to learn from Twitter how to implement safety in easiest and user friendly manner. :P

  • That's really nice.. Twitter's move is really good.. Now I need not worry about clicking on the links people send me.. Thanks Twitter!: )

  • Its no surprise to find phishing and other kinds of online scams on Twitter, because most of these scammers depend on high volumes of people to succeed. Twitter is one such place where they can reach as many people as possible with their misdeeds.