WARNING: Twitter DM Phishing Spam, Haha, This you???? Can Harm You

A new bout of DM Phishing spam is doing the rounds where affected users are sending out DMs to their friends which contain links to spam websites. A sample message of the Twitter DM spam says "haha, This you????" accompanied by a phishing link.


I urge users NOT TO click on the links accompanied in any direct messages received on Twitter, unless you know and are very sure about what you are doing. For those interested, clicking on this link led me to the page below, which was blocked by . So make sure that you are using a very secure browser, which can protect you.


Again, this is not the fault of the users who sent you the DM, and they might have been affected unknowingly, so the first thing is to let them know about it. There are several more things that you should follow to stay safe from this Phishing scam, most of which I had listed when a similar attack came about few months ago. You can read it at IQ Test Spam Hitting Twitter Hard and Steps to Avoid Them.

Please feel free to retweet this post so that your friends and followers will be aware about the issue.

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  • Well, that link is already there in most phishing databases, so most browsers would be able to protect users (in my case Opera identified the link as fraudulent).