Twitter Crosses 5 Billion Tweets

Looks like we are dealing with huge numbers these days. Just earlier today, the app crossed a million downloads, to add to that list, the micro-blogging network everyone loves and hates, and who 60% of users hardly use, have crossed a new milestone by registering 5 Billion tweets, that’s 5000000000to be precise.

Twitter’s database has been hammered consistently, whenever something out of the blue has happened. Take for example, the Iran controversy, the balloon boy controversy, Mumbai terrorist attacks and the Hudson river plane landing.

The service though, hasn’t been without its share of downtimes. The downtimes are pretty less compared to when I actually started using twitter, but they still happen pretty often. And when they do happen, the one phrase you might hear from most twitter users on and Friendfeed is sigh, twitter is down.


The 5 billionth tweet contains the text Oh lord, we are pretty sure that most of the guys behind twitter might be using this phrase in astonishment, when they passed this milestone. As for me, I am nearing a milestone on twitter of a meager 20000 tweets :-).

Kudos to the entire twitter team on this milestone, we hope that you keep providing us with a awesome service, that has practically made instant messaging a outdated form of communication.

[via CNET]

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