[Rumor] Twitter Turned Down a $10 Billion Buyout Offer from Google Last Fall

Twitter top management has come under some serious scrutiny because of their continuous move downhill. The top management is taking one wrong decision after another that might put Twitter in a miserable position after a few years. It has lost the respect of developers, it is showing clear signs of overload, people are considering working on Twitter alternatives already to sustain their business and according to recent reports, Google offered to buy Twitter last fall, and it refused.


The buyout offer is only one of the two big news. The other, is that Evan Williams was actually forced to move out of Twitter. Reportedly, Google offered Twitter a whopping $10 billion and it refused that too. I really do not understand why Twitter is so adamant and it is not just about the buyout offer. Is the top management fit to run an organization like Twitter? Are they even aware of what they are running? In spite of being a killer product, Twitter has failed to monetize itself properly so far. When a founder moves out of his product, the product loses much more than a founder. It loses the very face of the organization. Digg is undergoing a similar crisis right now.

When only 10% of the overall Twitter users even tweet regularly and stats are punching Twitter in the gut every day, it is time Twitter does things right. The right thing does not necessarily mean selling out to Google. Not all startups out there are supposed to be acquired by Google.

The right thing means devising a killer monetizing scheme that can bring Twitter out of this misery. The right thing here means earning back all the lost developer-love they once had and the right thing, is to put the right people in charge.

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