Twitter Adds HTTPS Only Support

HTTPS is one of the most secure ways of sending and receiving content on the web. Many sites including and several other Google products make use of the HTTPS protocol, even Hotmail does it too.


Though both and have had support for HTTPS for a long time now, they do not enforce HTTPS on users and instead allow them to type the URLs in the browser.

However, it looks like Twitter has now rolled out a new setting which allows users to Always user HTTPS. To enable this setting you can go to your profile and edit settings (or go to and check the box next to “Always use HTTPS”.

If you think that HTTPS will slow down your experience, you might want to read an earlier post on how much impact Google saw when it shifted to using SSL.

(h/t @nspeaks)

Update: This feature seems to have been pulled off by Twitter now.

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  • Gord Smith

    The option seems to have been pulled from the settings page and is no longer taking effect. I had it and set it and it worked for awhile, is no longer working and no longer present on the Settings page.

    • @Gord – Yes the option seems to have been pulled off now. It looks like it was a trial feature. However, Twitter now defaults to HTTPS for me after I changed it. It does so on multiple browsers too, so somehow the settings have stuck for me.

  • Kudos to Twitter! The old Twitter has had full HTTPS support since quite sometime (even if there was no visible option), but new Twitter had few problems with stuff like profile picture support which they finally added last month. Great to see that they’ve now added a separate option as well.

    Contrary to what you’ve said, Facebook doesn’t have “full” HTTPS support. About 70% of the site works (only when you use a HTTPS enforcer extension like HTTPS Everywhere for Firefox and Facebook SSL Connector for Chrome), but some pretty useful stuff like chat, slide-down menus, profile editing etc. aren’t supported.

    If you ask me, Twitter has always been more Google-like than Facebook, and that’s why I always prefer it. :)