Warning: Twitter Account Deletion Phishing Email Scam

A new Phishing email is being sent out to users saying that their accounts will be deleted unless they click on a link. The link in question leads to a scam website and may compromise your accounts.

Though I do not have any such email samples with me right now, a tweet was officially tweeted by the @safety account on Twitter, the tweet reads:

Heads-up: if you receive an email saying that your account will be deleted unless you click on a link, it’s not from us.

Twitter has been a victim of several scams in the past, most of which were sent through direct messages (DM), however, the DM scams have come down considerably after Twitter employed a brilliant spam protection for DM messages. However, it looks like spammers have begun using the plain old email scams to trick users again.

It was not clearly mentioned on how user’s email address was compromised, but make sure to delete any emails which tell you that your Twitter account will be deleted.

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