Tweetwally: An Awesome Way To Display Selected Tweets

I am a passionate follower of Cricket and often search Twitter for latest news and updates. However, the process of searching on Twitter using the same hashtag again and again is a bit tiresome. I always wished there was a way to just go to a single URL and see all the tweets related to Cricket. I just found an awesome tool to do just that!

Tweetwally lets you create a public wall where you can display tweets from a specific hashtag, username or keyword You can also further narrow down your selection by combining two criteria for example using the hastag cricket and username abc would only show you tweets from the user abc containing the hashtag of cricket.

The best part, however, is the option to create a permanent webpage with a customized URL. For example, I created to keep track of all the cricket updates. You can also customize the look of your page by choosing from three different themes or specifying your own color combinations.

Tweetwally also provides you with an embed code so you can display your wall on a blog or website.

Techie-Buzz Verdict:

Tweetwally is one of the best Twitter apps around. It is an application that actually serves a purpose rather than just adding to the look and feel of Twitter. The only feature I wish they would add is the ability to combine more than one hashtags to create the wall.

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  • shuvo

    I am also a great cricket fan.However it is a nice post.

  • clif.notes

    Thanks for the tip Tehseen. I’ve just created:

    Guess what it’s about …

  • rys

    you can also refer to this site on how to display the latest tweets in your blogs using twitter API..
    as easy as 1 2 3..


  • abdul

    how do i get my tweetwally feeds in RSS format

    • Clif Sipe

      RSS Feeds are not supported by Tweetwally. However, there are some services that convert web pages to RSS. See