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Sometimes, words are not enough to express what you want to say, and specially so, when there is a 140 characters limitation. In the case of Twitter, a web service that would let you Tweet audio was long overdue. It has finally arrived with the name lets you tweet audio files easily. You can record the audio on website, or simply upload an audio file and tweet that. A simple 3 button recorder on lets you record, stop and play the audio before you add a message and tweet it. You can upload audio files to from your local drive or a remote URL. Supported formats include mp3, wav, wma, acc, ogg.

When you tweet with, your audio is attached as a shortened link, clicking on which takes user to the recording. If you are always on-the-go, you can also use the iPhone application to tweet your voice. You can also go to and listen to some of the recent audio tweets by people.

3 thoughts on “Tweet Your Voice With”

  1. just to correct you, it is not an “iphone application”. they are just using the “voice messages” built into the iPhone 3GS to record the audio and then tweet it by sending an email to your email account that you will be provided.

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