TweepML: Share List Of Twitter Users Easily

Hundreds of Twitter apps have been released within past few months but very few stand out for their unique functionality. TweepML is not only a Twitter app, but an open source and extensible format that lets you manage lists of Twitter users.

Using TweepML you can create a group of Twitter users within minutes, share the list with your friends, open it with TweepML, embed it on your website or integrate it with your own Twitter app. It is based on the very popular XML.

When you see a small TweepML icon on any website, you can simply click on the icon and view the list of Twitter users. While viewing the list, you can check boxes against each user that you want to follow.

To make it easy for web developers to use TweepML, a number of sample codes, examples and libraries are available as reference on the TweepML website. Moreover, you can also search for various lists on TweepML or create your own to share with the world.

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