Tumblr Introduces Password Protected Blogs

Tumblr is one of the most famous micro-blogging service which provides users with a easy way to post images, videos, links and more. We have a mini blog at Techie Notes, which runs on Tumblr and uses the custom domain name feature from them.


Tumblr just announced today that they are introducing password protected blogs. This new feature will allow users to password protect their blogs. Once a blog has been password protected, users who visit the blog can only access your posts if they have a valid password.

Password Protecting Blogs in Tumblr


Tumblr provides users with an option to password protect their blogs when they create a new one. Just select the checkbox next to Password protect this blogand provide a password for it.

You can password protect existing blogs by going to the customize page for your blog.

What We Would Like to See

This is definitely a great way for people to create private blogs and share them with only a select few, however, it would be also be nice if they could add support to password protect individual posts instead of the entire blog.

What do you think? Let us know through your comments.

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  • lulu

    i ont have the option for passwort in advanced? WHY do i dont have this? or can i make somerwhere else a password for ir?

    • Leah

      I don’t have it either. :( Where else can I go to have my blogs password protected.

      • http://www.ambriense.tumblr.com Amber

        I believe it’s because you are trying to protect your main blog, you can (as of right now) only protect your second blog account. So go to your tumblr and create a second account, it should be on the right of your dashboard. Then you will be able to.

  • deykamol

    While this is a good idea, I started my tumblr ages ago and never gave details to anyone, however recently one person I know has found it and has told everyone about it. Now I'm getting stick for it as people read the back pages.
    I never created a second blog off the main one because I didn't want/need two blogs.
    I really enjoy tumblr and would like to keep using it, but I'm being forced to consider deleting my blog now because of all the problems I'm getting. This could be easily solved by tumblr staff allowing main blogs to be password protected, I don't understand why they only added that feature for use on side-blogs.

  • marceeahh

    I protected a blog, and forgot the password to it, since I did this months ago… is there any way to retrieve the password, or is this blog basically stuck in virtual space, for no one to ever use?

    • http://keithdsouza.com Keith Dsouza

      @marceeahh – You might probably want to contact Tumblr support for this, I am pretty sure there will be a way to reset or retrieve passwords

    • fayne

      so did you manage to retrieve it ? cause i forgot mine too ):

  • http://sharonchen-.tumblr.com/ meeeh

    yes please ! i want to password protect my posts but only some :) only people i give the password out to will be able to access them

  • tee

    I never use my primary blog, just the password protected one. I’ve been trying to keep my tumblr on lowprofile, but somehow managed to gain 1 follower (on my behalf that sucks). I’ve been posting to my password-ed blog thinking everything is fine, but now I have a serious question:
    Can my followers see the posts I post to my password-ed blog through their dashboard? They don’t have access to see my blog, but they can see the posts through their dashboard can’t they? Uh oh. :|

    • http://www.ambriense.tumblr.com Amber

      No they can’t see your password protected blog, only any posts posted to your main (first) blog. So anything written in the password protected blog CANNOT be seen by anyone else, unless they specifically type in your password.

      • http://quadfour.tumblr.com/ J

        I have a password protected sideblog … and a follower reblogged something I posted only in that sideblog and not my main blog, and I haven’t given the password to anyone at all… So I think they might be able to see the posts from their dashboard.

  • http://raeganramone.tumblr.com Name (required field)

    I wanted to create a blog that no one else knew about. I noticed you could have a second, but connected, blog, to the same account. Can your followers see your second blog? In better terms, are they automatically followers of the other blog now?

  • ala

    you say you dont need to create a new blog to get the password protector.

    so i have an exisiting tumblr acc now, and i dont want to make a new one; since i’ve gone thru soo much with my current one and i’d really like to make that private ; so when ppl search me over google, and clicks on my link, it”d ask for the password.
    but you said to check on the customize page of the blog, but it’s not there.
    where is it then?

  • lina

    one of my tumblr blogs are password protected but not on my laptop, what do i do

  • http://appbuddy.com Myko

    @ala: you can only password protect an existing blog if it is not your primary blog. however, this option is not available for you primary blog.

  • Tina

    I put a password potector on my new blog but I forgot the password to it.. is there a way for me to retrieve it?

  • Kytin

    I have a secondary blog that I have a few trusted followers on. Can I password protect my blog now, to hide my url from unwanted eyes and still have my posts show up on my followers feeds?

  • http://i-said-id-never-let-you-fall.tumblr.com/ Haley

    I went to my url.tumblr.com/tagged/me and it’s password protected. I don’t know HOW this happened. But it’s REALLY irritating. -.-

  • http://www.cum-dumpster.tumblr.com kanye

    um, i cant go to my blog because of the password. i didnt know i had one of these. i dont know what my password is, therefore, i cant look at my blog. can you tell me what my password is? or help me figure out what it is? i need help, please.

  • klimperei

    What We Would Like to See
    This is definitely a great way for
    people to create private blogs and share them with only a select few,
    however, it would be also be nice if they could add support to password
    protect individual posts instead of the entire blog.
    What do you think? Let us know through your comments.
    <<<<<<<<<< YES YES YES YES !!!!!!!!!!! i need that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!