Cerulean Studios Turns 10: Announces Trillian 5

Facebook and Twitter might be the dominant social networks, however they aren’t the only way to connect with friends and strangers. Many of us still rely on instant messaging services like Yahoo! Messenger and Windows Live Messenger or the good old IRC. In fact, most of us use multiple services on a day-to-day basis. However, using individual clients for each service can be quite inconvenient. This is why applications like Digsby are so popular.

However, even before Digsby, Trillian built its reputation as a neat multi-protocol messaging client. Unfortunately, for the past couple of years, Trillian has been struggling to retain its charm. Trillian Astra (v4) took too long to come. And when it came, it disappointed many. The good news is that with Trillian v5 things are set to change for the better.

Trillian 5 – Flexible Interfaces

Earlier this week, Trillian’s developers -Cerulean Studios, celebrated its 10th anniversary by announcing Trillian 5. The new version will feature a brand new user interface, which is not only beautiful and functional but also sleek and slim. Minimalism is the ‘in’ thing these days and Cerulean Studios is following suit. The flexible interface offers 5 modes – large, medium, small, tiny and simple. Simple mode occupies very little space and is ideal for Netbook users.

Trillian 5 – Supported Networks

Trillian will support Twitter, Facebook as well as LinkedIn in addition to other networks like Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, AIM, Skype and E-mail. It will also leverage Windows 7’s in-built GPS support to enable Foursquare check-ins.

Trillian 5 – Foursquare

Trillian 5 – Facebook

Other features include synchronized contact list, accounts, and chat history, streamlined news feeds and enhanced performance. Trillian 5 Beta will be released to current subscribers soon.

Trillian 5 – Chat Window

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