Mute Your Noisy Twitter Friends With Muuter

Every now and then, somebody you are following on Twitter starts to be annoying. One option is to un-follow such people but then you might forget to follow them back again. Also, they might realize that you are not following them and cause a sourness in your relationship.

A new Twitter application Muuter, solves this problem by temporarily muting these friends for you. Just enter the Twitter username of that person and specify the time period you want to mute them for. It can be anything from 1 hour to 1 week. If during that time period you decide to revert back, you can simply click on cancel and start receiving their tweets again. When you are putting somebody on mute, you also have the option to notify that person and/or tweet this publicly. (Why on God’s earth would somebody do that? Anyways, the option is there if somebody decides to use it).

There is no software to download and no sign-ups to do. Simply go to and sign in to your Twitter account. After you grant Muuter access to your Twitter account, you will be all set to use it.

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Tehseen Baweja

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  • Is this something like twittersnooze? it just unfollows someone for say 5 hours and then follow them back?

  • Hello and thank you for posting this. I’ve been developing with great hopes and it makes me happy to see that it’s catching on just because it’s -somewhat- useful for its users.

    Just a quick add-on to your post (I need to update the homepage on the site): if you go to the Tools page at you’ll find bookmarklets to use muuter comfortably without even going to the site (Twitter sign-in is required first, then you don’t need to come back).

    I’m constantly adding new stuff, the next addition will be mute commands via DM: d muuter someone 3H. Hopefully later this week.

    Thank you for the space, until next time!

  • Heheheheheh! One way to shut up the irritating noise some twitterers can spew out. And I like the fact that you can tell the whole world if you’ve muted somebody is actually a good thing. People might just start looking at quality rather that quantity when twittering.