Starbucks Most Popular Brand on Social Networking Sites

Starbucks is set to become the first brand to gain over 10M fans or likes on the social networking site . Currently Starbucks has over 9.98 Million fans and will hit the 10 million milestone today based on trends.


Starbucks, the popular coffee joint is set to make history today by becoming the first brand to gain 10 million fans on social networking site Facebook. Currently, they lead world famous brand Coca-Cola by over 2.5 million fans on Facebook and based on the trends they should be reaching the 10 million mark before the day ends today.

Famecount, an independent web application which tracks popular brands and pages across several social networking sites like Facebook, and also says that Starbucks is also the most popular consumer brand across all social networks.

You will find the current Facebook fan standings for Facebook, Coca-Cola and other popular brands like Skittles, Oreo and Red Bull here.

2 thoughts on “Starbucks Most Popular Brand on Social Networking Sites”

  1. That’s pretty cool. I wonder what the link is between most liked on FB ( and most loved like from BrandMojo ( Skittles and Oreo aren’t even on the Brandmojo site but they are on the site. But I think the Facebook one you talk about is the purest because it is “from the people”. I wonder if people unlike after a while… Starbucks ahead of Coke? That is surprising if you compare it to Interbrand.

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