Sprouter: Twitter Like Social Network For Entrepreneurs

New micro-blogging sites similar to Twitter have been coming up every now and then. However, the only ones that take off are the ones focus on a particular niche or community. Adding to the list is a new micro-blogging network called Sprouter.

Sprouter is very similar to Twitter but is focused on entrepreneurs. You can follow people, have people follow you, post messages in your public timeline or send direct message to somebody. A new feature that Sprouter offers and Twitter does not is Topics. Topics are similar in nature to Tags on Twitter but you can follow a topic and see a list of all the topics that you have created, something not available on Twitter.

Sprouter can be particularly useful for entrepreneurs want to network with other entrepreneurs or freelancers.

Techie-Buzz Verdict:

Sprouter can be a huge success if it can attract enough entrepreneurs other wise people would just follow #entrepreneurs on Twitter and get what Sprouter promises to offer.

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