Single and Ready to Mingle? Spotify Can Help You Find Potential Partners

Yes, you heard that right! The digital music service provider Spotify has teamed up with two dating websites and has released two new apps called Tastebuds and Fellody, basically to create a social dating platform that not only matches and filters out users with similar tastes in music, but also provides matches based on their personalized playlist.

By installing the new Spotify apps, users can find their potential partners based on their musical likes and dislikes. Both the apps work in a similar fashion. Once you are connected with Facebook or with a unique username, the apps examines through your music playlists and library to find your favorite artists and songs.

Once this is done, the app then presents you with a list of profiles (Spotify users) with similar taste in music. This search can, however, be refined based on your preferences like gender, age, and location. This match-making feature has been provided by the two dating websites, and

For instance, here’s how the Fellody app will work. It uses a mechanism, or rather a technique in finding your potential partner. It first begins by dropping your music library on the app, and will start rating potential love interest. Along with that, the app will generate a ‘compatibility’ score, and also enables you to send a ‘flirt’ (very much similar to Facebook’s Poke feature), while browsing your matches’ tastes.


The Tastebuds app on the other hand will help find a user his/her potential partner based on the artists they’ve been listening to on Spotify. It also scans through the user’s playlists. The app then filters out a list of profiles based on matches by gender, age and location, and message matches in real-time. Users can also arrange an offline meet-up by showing their tracking with the Songkick Spotify concert app. helps you ‘meet people who share your love for music’. Of late, has been creating a lot of buzz around the Web with an increasing number of users, mainly in the UK. The social dating site was founded by two musicians – Alex Parish and Julian Keenaghan from London, who are the founder members of the band Years Of Rice And Salt.

Tastebuds - Connect Through Music

According to co-founder Alex Parish, 43% of first messages get a reply on Tastebuds. He also states this is “a much higher response rate than non-music based dating sites.”

Fellody founder Robin Simon says, “After our successful launch with Spotify in Germany, we are now very happy to welcome all Spotify users on Fellody, where they might get more groupies with their taste in music than Robbie Williams during the 90’s.”

So, all you single fellas out there, are you all set to mingle?

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