Don’t You Ever Kill Indian BullFrogs. And If You Must, Don’t Post It On Facebook Or Twitter

Weekends are often fun and ideal for relieving the stress accumulated during the week. Some folks turn to the beaches, hang out with friends, watch movies while a few of them try bizarre hobbies like Poaching.

One youth from India just ran into trouble due to his Poachingand social mediahabits.

indian-bullfrogEarlier today, an Indian resident named Yoko Gomes posted a message on Facebook saying he loves to kill Indian Bullfrogs and eating them is his hobby. Shortly after his message went viral on Facebook, cops and forest department officials raided his house only to find him missing, as he was already on his way to Mumbai.

The cops, paired with Goa forest department officials searched the house for evidence and found traces of cooked frog at his place. The officials are now questioning Yoko’s parents about the matter.

A local NGO network from Goa found Yoko’s Facebook status update and lodged a legal complaint with the forest department.

We had downloaded all the content from Facebook and attached it with the complaint,” Clinton Vaz, an activist of Wild Goa Network, said.

As it turns out, the bullfrog feast partywas squashed and the youth left his house in a hurry.

The Takeaway Lesson?

Facebook, Twitter and all these social sharing sites are great but there is a limit to everything. Posting each and every rant of yours online can get you into serious trouble.

You see, the Government is very serious with the IT regulations and online human behavior these days. Since the Internet is kind of a No Mans landand there is no rulebook, does not necessarily mean that you should go over the board and start posting everything, round the clock.

Some insane examples:

If I don’t get back my damaged laptop within a day, I will bomb XYZ companies headquarters Okay you said this biting your teeth in anger but the cops might take it seriously. And don’t expect them to be as tech savvy as you are, chances are that they won’t check your online reputation before sending someone to trace you out.

I am without power for three days, if this electricity company doesn’t fix things up…. I am going to kidnap the CEO’s daughter   Heh! You got 10 retweets but if the cops catch you, expect more bad mentions.

I hacked into this XYZ Government website this proves you are an amateur because a real hacker won’t ever reveal his identity.

Somewhere down the road, you have to draw a line to keep your online and offline life balanced. Your offline life is much more valuable than this virtual, always connected and ever expanding environment called Internet.

Don’t let the latter screw up the former.

About Indian Bullfrogs: Indian bullfrog are the largest specie of frogs found on the Indian subcontinent. It’s a protected specie and as per the wildlife rules and regulations of India, killing or poaching of frogs is a punishable offence.

[ Source: TOI, Photo credit ]

P.S: I don’t like Amphibians, they scare me away.

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