Social Gaming Stats – Farmville Farmers Outnumber Real Farmers, 55% Gamers Female [Infographic]

Social Gaming is a huge fad and thanks to sites like and gaming companies like Zynga, social gaming has taken off in a very big way. Games like CityVille on Facebook are played by around 90 million users, while Farmville is played by over 43 million users.

20% of US population has played a game on a social networking site and more than 68 million Americans will be playing social games by 2012. What’s more interesting is the fact that 55% of social gamers are female, which goes on to show that women are more attracted towards casual games.

Another interesting stats about social gaming is that, much of the revenue of these companies actually come through the sale of virtual goods. These virtual goods can be purchased through in-app purchases, for example you can buy more seeds for your farm and so on.

Another interesting fact is that farmers on the virtual game Farmville out number real farmers in the United States by 80 to 1. Now only if they could put their farming skills to some use Smile. Interestingly, the infographic also notes that over 50% Facebook users sign in to their account just to play games. The amount of time they spend on the site is more than what they spend on several other top sites combined.

For more such interesting stats, check out the Infographic created by Single Grain below.

Social Gaming Stats

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