SiftLinks Filters Important Links From Your Twitter Timeline

I am not very active at Twitter and do not update my Twitter profile throughout the day. However, Twitter is a great place to spot breaking news, interesting stories and if you are a blogger or a writer, you can’t ignore the tweets.

One of the problems with Twitter is the “Signal to Noise ratio”. Sometimes the Tweets are really interesting but most of the time, your timeline is flooded with irrelevant tweets such as “I am having Coffee ” or ” I am watching a movie”.

If you are like me and use Twitter to consume content, you might want to try a simple way to find the most interesting and popular links in your Twitter timeline. You don’t want to unfollow people in bulk but just need a way to mute the less important updates. Check out SiftLinks – a simple web based Twitter app which filters important Tweets from your Twitter timeline and presents the most popular links in reverse chronological order.

Here is how my Twitter timeline looks after using SiftLinks:


SiftLinks also provides an RSS feed for the most popular links in your Twitter profile so it might be a good idea to copy the RSS feed and subscribe in your news reader. Doing that will allow you to check important Twitter updates from your Feed reader (e.g Google Reader, Feeddemon etc).


Also do check out this guide on how to create RSS feed of Twitter lists.

Techie Buzz Verdict

SiftLinks removes the unnecessary updates and shows only the tweets that matter. The RSS feature is really useful as you can read the tweets as well as blog posts from one central location – your feed reader. One addition would have been perfect – the ability to see the number of RT’s and mentions. This way, we can know how much is the influence and reach of a particular tweet right from the feed reader and without having to go to Tweetmeme.

Techie Buzz rating: 3/5 (Average).

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