What’s Your Facebook Story ?

Yesterday, Facebook announced that now the world’s biggest social networking site has more than 500 million users. Guess what? The site now wants you to share your Facebook story with everyone else.

To share your Facebook story, head over to the application page at stories.facebook.com and you will see a world map, powered by Bing maps:


Hover your mouse over a city and you will be able to read stories shared by other Facebook users from the same city. You can Likea story or share it with your friends using the Share button.


The user generated stories can also be explored from the Themestab, you can sort stories from dozens of themes e.g   Love, Friendship, University, Travel and so on.


The Facebook blog reports that the stories application has been launched to celebrate all the amazing ways people use Facebook nowadays.

To write your Facebook story, simply fill out the form at the bottom of the page, pick a theme and you will be able to share the story in the application and with your friends via the News feed.

This Stories application will surely create much hype, lots of users will jump right in and share their Facebook story with friends and family. There is more, a team from Facebook will be hitting the open road in the U.S. to meet the people, towns and organizations behind these stories in the first Facebook Stories road trip.

What’s your Facebook story?

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