Share Your Resume On Twitter Using TwitRes

With Twitter being used for almost everything, it wasn’t beyond expectations that job search tools would soon surface on Twitter. Now, using various Twitter apps, you can conduct a job search on Twitter, hire freelancers, conduct interviews and even search for jobs by city. Adding to that list is a new Twitter app called TwitRes.

TwitRes makes your job search even easier by allowing you to share your resume. Simply head over to, sign in with your Twitter account, upload you resume and send out a tweet. Your resume will be uploaded to the TwitRes server and a shortened URL would be provided in your tweet to see the resume.

One of the best features that TwitRes offers is the ability to keep the format of your resume intact. If you are viewing somebody else’s resume using TwitRes, you have the options to download, email or share it with your Twitter friends.

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Tehseen Baweja

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