Send Large Attachments Up-to 5GB From Outlook

Most email providers today have a measly attachment limit of 20 MBs at the most, anything above this limit will be promptly bounced back to the sender, however you can still send large files as email attachments by uploading them to one of the several free online storage websites and including a link to the file in your email.

Though that solution may not be entirely neat and may require multiple actions, today announced a free add-in for Microsoft Outlook that will allow you to send large files from Outlook. This feature is pretty similar to the Yousendit add-in we had told you about earlier.

Once you have installed the add-in on your computer, you can send large files by uploading them to your account, which provides users with 5GB of free space.

To upload files to and include a link to it in the email, click on the tab in outlook and sing-in to your account.


Once you have successfully signed in to your account, you can upload files and insert links into the email.


You can also insert links from files that already exist in your account.


Once you have uploaded or inserted the attachments into the email, the add-in will add the links to the files into the email.


Clicking on the links inside the email, will allow users to download the attachments from, thus allowing you to attach files up-to 5GB in a single email.

However like everything else,’s add-in has a big problem, it does not allow users to attach MP3 and video files, which may be due to privacy concerns they have for sharing licensed content through their service.


Overall, the add-in can come in pretty handy to workaround the 20MB attachment size, email providers have in place, but alas for the MP3 and video restrictions, this could have been the best way to send large attachments from Outlook. Outlook Plugin Features

  • Seamlessly sending links to files in your account from Outlook
  • Reducing exchange server traffic and storage needs
  • Share files already in your account
  • No need to manually add everyone from a mailing list to shared files
  • Easily invite people to your personal meeting room URL

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