Send Anonymous Tweets With ShhTwitter

Sending an angry tweet to your boss but can’t let him know it’s you? If you are in any such situation where you really want to say something but do not want to be associated with it, sending an anonymous tweet is the best way. A long-winded way to achieve that is by signing for a new Twitter account, following that person and sending him the tweet.

Another, more easier way is to use anonymous tweeting service ShhTwitter. ShhTwitter lets you send anonymous tweets without signing up for an account. Simply enter the tweet and click enter to send it out in the Twitter space. If you want o address your tweet to somebody specific, feel free to add @username in front of your tweet.

The message would appear in that person’s twitter coming from TweetShh1 or TweetShh2.

You can also include all the good stuff like hash-tags in your tweets. It is a great tool for situations where you want to raise your voice but cannot disclose your identity.

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