Digg Has to Be Different; 92% Survey Respondents Won’t Recommend Digg

Two weeks back, Betaworks — the one that owns and operates link shortener Bit.ly — acquired the social news site Digg, and in an attempt to revive the site, News.me/Betaworks team has asserted stating that it would redesign the site from scratch in just under six weeks.

The team asked Digg users and users all over the Internet to provide feedback and advice by asking them to fill out a quick survey. The team today has announced the first round results of the Rethink Digg v1 survey; out of the total 3,754 people who took the survey, nearly 92 percent of them said that they would not recommended the current Digg to their friends.

“This level of dissatisfaction does not call for incremental improvement,” Levine said. “The problem we are trying to solve with v1 – how can we deliver the best of what the Internet is talking about right now? – calls for something else.”

Along with this, the v1 results also included some interesting stats on which social networking tool is popular among the all:

How users get their news - ReThink Digg Survey

Reddit and Hacker News topped the list, which is acceptable. However, the strange thing to notice here is that users rely on blogs and online newspaper sites for news, and not Twitter. Twitter falls fourth in the list after blogs and major online newspapers, which is a little surprising.

Another interesting stats the survey brought out is that many users use their phones to read news on the Internet.

Mobile Users - ReThink Digg

What Betaworks has to offer with Digg is unknown. The new Digg, as we know, will certainly not be an evolution of the current Digg, or a Reddit/Hacker News clone. The survey results calls for a different change, and Levine hasn’t revealed anything yet. However, from the facts that we know, what we understand is that the new Digg will revolve around news aggregation, and might also have a mobile version of it. Also, not to forget that Betaworks currently runs News.me, which could be a source of inspiration for the new Digg redesign.

We are not sure on how successful Betaworks is going to be on this. However, our take is that if the new Digg offers something more than what the current aggregators offer, it will sure take off and provide a tough competition. Well, as the saying goes, you will only know the outcome after time has passed. We hope to see great new changes come August 1.

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