Remove the “Live Ticker” Box on Facebook

Facebook has started rolling out the new “Live Ticker” feature to an increasing number of users, and would eventually be making it available to all users. While the new feature is positioned above the chat box on the right side of the page, many users are finding it annoying and disturbing.

The Ticker is designed to replace the “Most Recent” filter on the Facebook News Feed, providing users with real-time updates. The feature seems to be interesting, however many users find it worthless. Users on Facebook are creating threads and community pages asking Facebook to remove the Live Tickerfeature, or at least provide an option to disable it.

Annoying Facebook "Live Ticker"

There is one simple and a best way to get rid of the live ticker and the chat box. Clicking on the hide sidebarbutton on the bottom-right of the page will hide the sidebar entirely. However, there are browser extensions and add-ons to remove it.

Hide Facebook Sidebar

If you’re a Google Chrome user, there’s an extension that is available, which will completely remove the live ticker from your Facebook page. Download the extension file here, and once the extension is installed, refresh or open Facebook in a new tab. You will now notice that the live ticker has been disabled.

Firefox or other browser users can try downloading Better Facebookextension. Once you have installed the add-on (extensions) for your browser, click on the Better Facebook! Optionsbutton.

From the option box, enable Advanced Options Modeand then click on CSS. Copy the following CSS code and paste it in the area provided. Save the settings and refresh your Facebook page, and you will see that the live ticker has disappeared.

 /* Hide the live ticker */
 .ticker_stream { display:none !important; }

Better Facebook - Hide Facebook Live Ticker

Facebook has been known to annoy users with newer design changes, and it is no surprise that people are upset with such an attitude. Last time Facebook annoyed users with a new rollout for the image viewer, however, you can  easily disable the Facebook Theater mode  too.

Earlier last month, Google also annoyed users by  changing their homepage design  and adding a black bar at the top. You can  easily remove the black bar in Google  and similarly also revert back to the old Facebook chat  by installing a    script.

I’m guessing that Facebook has introduced this feature to combat with its rival, Google Plus. What do you think of the new “Live Ticker”. Do you find it annoying too? Let us know by adding your comments below.

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  • Can anyone confirm if FB has already disabled the ticker? I’m surprised no one has written about the privacy leaks it was exposing while it was up. I was able to see every move my friends made on FB including comments on people’s walls (their friend’s walls were disabled for privacy and I could still see them). It became a real-time stalker application with NO WAY to opt out. Removing the app. from sight would not have stopped it from releasing your information.

    • mac macdonald

      This comment sums it up. Come on Facebook, disable the damn thing. Why are you making us go through this?

  • james mcmahon

    the fbpurity browser extension has an option to hide the ticker built in, just tick the hide “happening now” bar option on the fbp options screen.
    you can get it here:

  • HG

    urg this ticker crap is litterally giving me a headache!!! I got rid of it py clicking compatibilty view. but I turned my laptop off, when I turned it back on it wouldn’t even let me do that!

  • Thank for the trick

  • ThisTickerMustDie

    Thanks for this. I have a lot of friends, so it’s updating itself about 50 times a minute. I find the constant scrolling really distracting.

    I’ve used the Chrome extension to disable it. I’m not sure about how much access the extension has to my data as there was a security warning, but I just can’t handle the animation all the time.

    Unless I stick a bit of cut-to-size white paper on my screen every time I use facebook to obscure it – lol??

    Seriously, any interface designer/UX person could tell them just how bl**dy irritating this feature is going to be for users. Meh!

  • Dee

    It is annoying, but that is not what worries me the most. Do all my friends have to see if I comment on a photo? No.

  • Helin

    News Feed ticker is a violation of privacy. Since facebook introduced this feature I reduced using it! They should remove the ticker immediately otherwise many facebook users are ready to switch to Google+ or Twitter.
    I simply don’t want my comments and the things I like to appear on the news feed ticker!!!

  • Hi there – I have a quick question. I will be happy to disable the Facebook Ticker, however, even if I disable it from my view all of my friends on Facebook will still be able to see what I am doing, right? Such as playing games, making a post, etc.

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  • Antropusx

    Yes … the design is clearly needed to be changed :)
    The dark green color would fit perfectly xD