Really Cool Facebook Revolving Images Scam

With 500+ million people, 500= millions scams are bound to happen. Another one sleazy scam is now underway and it involves showing people "Really cool Facebook revolving images".


The messages is spreading virally and I had to delete around 9 messages from my wall recently. The scam looks to be spreading virally. As always do not click on this link and delete it from your wall if you see it.

P.S. I visited the site in question to see what it had to offer, but it is just a parked page, so nothing to write home about here. Safe Facebooking.

Facebook 360 Rotate Effect Scam

Update: Looks like this scam is spreading differently now. Users are now writing on other people’s walls with the text "Checkout 360 rotate effect on images. MUST SEE"

Update 2: This problems seems to be user-initiated where they are enticed to copy and paste some JavaScript into their browser address bar, please do not copy paste any unknown JavaScript in the address bar as it can spread the scam more.

8 thoughts on “Really Cool Facebook Revolving Images Scam”

  1. It is not just a scam. I was one of the very few earlier vicitms and continue to be one. In a few seconds it gathered about 25 names from my friends list and started posting the ‘message. I logged out in about 12 sec as soon as I saw something was amiss. I had to personally go to each of the 25 names and delete the message. And when I returned to my page a beautiful four letter worded message greeted me on my wall. And the beauty was, I discovered, I have justed posted the same message to all my friends.

  2. I have been a many-time recipient of such posts. There was even one that tagged you in about a hundred of unrelated photos. Usually, asking people to change their FB password does the trick– once they do that, everything stops. Logging off isn’t going to help. Please remember to make any passwords you use on the Internet alpha-numeric and containing both upper and lower case letters! May we all have a happy scam/spam-free new year!!! :)

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